About PFC

Established in 2020, Punjab FC is a rising force in Indian football which is dedicated to channeling youth energy towards the sport and elevating India’s presence on the global football stage. Known for our fast, progressive, and inspiring brand of football, we’re the sole professional club from North India to win the I-League and get promoted to the Indian Super League (ISL). With a squad of promising domestic and international talents, we’re reshaping football coaching, infrastructure, and grassroots development in Punjab, nurturing talent to international standards.

Our Mission

Built with passion and dedication, Punjab FC’s journey, from Punjab’s villages to stadiums across India, aims not only to elevate the quality of football in India but also to take Indian football to the world. Punjab FC is neither the starting point or the end goal of our mission. A mission to get every child in Punjab to play sports, to raise the profile of football and to collectively work with the Indian and global sports ecosystem to help India become competitive on the world stage.

Guiding Principles

Our principles guide every stride we take, every goal we chase, and every dream we nurture at Punjab Football Club.