“We didn’t come to the league just to participate; we aim to perform well and achieve good results”- Luka Majcen [Exclusive]

Sep 20, 2023 | Interview

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Among the standout performers in this exciting era of Indian football is Luka Majcen, a Slovenian striker who has left an indelible mark on the Indian football landscape in recent times. With two league titles, over 50 goals scored, and a penchant for performing in crucial matches, Majcen’s journey in India has been nothing short of remarkable.

In a candid interview with Sportskeeda, Luka Majcen reflects on his accomplishments, the challenges he’s faced, experiences of adapting to different coaches and playing styles in the Indian football scene, and finally his goals for the upcoming ISL season.

Luka Majcen burst onto the scene with Gokulam Kerala in 2021, clinching the league title in his very first season. Not content with just one triumph, he repeated this feat in 2023, this time with Round Glass Punjab. Majcen attributes much of his success to the opportunities provided by clubs playing attacking football and vying for top positions. He said:

“I was lucky enough that I was also given the opportunity of good clubs that were playing attacking football that were always fighting for top position. I’m happy. It’s not difficult to stay motivated when you’re achieving such results. Success is a powerful motivator.”

One of the hallmarks of Luka Majcen’s career in India has been his ability to adapt to different coaches and playing styles. Hailing from Slovenia, a country with a strong football tradition, Majcen has had the privilege of working with coaches from various backgrounds, including Italian, which he notes is not uncommon given Slovenia’s proximity to Italy. He shares:

“I had the privilege to work with different coaches during different times. So it gets easier. When I was coached by Vincente, the Gokulam Kerala coach, who is Italian, I already knew the playstyle and everything that comes with the Italian approach. Adapting to different coaches has been part of my journey, but as I’ve grown older and more experienced, it’s become easier to adjust.”

Football is a team game, and success often hinges on the bond among players. Majcen emphasizes the importance of fostering strong connections within the team.

“We aim to be close as a family,” Luka added. “Having fun during training is crucial, and being a good human being off the pitch helps build strong relationships. Good results in game always enhances the bond. Even if we lose, we as a team communicate and motivate ourselves.”

When asked about his closest friend within the team, Luka Majcen is quick to highlight the camaraderie among his teammates, suggesting that they are all like family. In a sport where teamwork is paramount, such bonds can make all the difference on the pitch.

“I give everything I can to maintain peak performance and it’s a 24/7 commitment” – Luka Majcen talks about maintaining fitness levels

Managing the demands of a professional football career is no easy feat, especially when it comes to training routines, injuries, recovery, and personal life. Majcen acknowledges that as he’s grown older, he has gained better control over these aspects. He now follows a meticulous daily routine that revolves around football.

“My daily schedule is packed,” Luka admits. “From morning meditations to diet plans and sleep monitoring. I give everything I can to maintain peak performance and it’s a 24/7 commitment. I also credit my supportive girlfriend who stands with me through all the ups and downs and a life coach in Slovenia. Having them by my side always motivates me.”

Majcen’s journey in Indian football has taken him from the I-League to the AFC Cup, and he has keenly observed the differences in competition, playing conditions, and overall experience. He acknowledges that the Indian Super League (ISL) typically offers better facilities and resources, but also notes the rise in standards across the board. He opines:

“The ISL has a higher standard, with clubs investing more in the team and facilities. But the I-League has its moments too, and we had excellent conditions last season. Players are faster, and more experienced, and adapting is essential. I’ve made slight adjustments to my diet and training to keep up.”

As a prolific goal scorer, Luka Majcen has earned a reputation for his consistent finishing and the ability to create scoring opportunities for his team. He is clear that personal success is important but emphasizes the collective goals of the team.

“For team goals, we take it game by game,” he explains. “We didn’t come to the league just to participate; we aim to perform well and achieve good results. Personal goals are set high, but I won’t jinx them by stating them out loud. I of course want to score more goals than I did in the I-League.”

Reflecting on his international experience, Luka draws parallels between the football scene in India and his home country, Slovenia. He notes that Indian players are becoming more focused on and off the pitch, which is a significant shift from the European model of stricter rules from a young age.

“Every year, it’s getting better,” Luka asserts. “Indian football is growing, and we are seeing improved results. More people are becoming aware of it, and the influx of experts, coaches, and players is contributing to its growth.”

As Luka and his team prepare for the upcoming season, he has a message for the fans.

“We cannot wait,” he says with anticipation. “We’ve been training hard, and we’re giving our all to be prepared for the first match. We invite all our friends to the stadium, and we promise to give everything we’ve got on the pitch for them.”

Luka Majcen’s journey in Indian football continues to inspire, and his commitment to excellence, both individually and as a team player, sets a remarkable example for aspiring footballers and fans alike. As he embarks on yet another season, his dedication and determination remain unwavering, making him a true icon in the ever-evolving world of Indian football.

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